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It got stucked at get the gun.

Also this game looks like its written by a 15 year old trying to act like an adult.

Btw, it's really boring that you can't do anything but do what the game tells you to, like, this game is pretty much just an interactive flash animation, not a game.

Thanks for playing and commenting!

The game was made in 48 hours, it's not finished (the gun part is the final part before we had to hand it in as stated in other replies) and we had no prior experience in creating and writing something like this, so we've got lots to learn.

We do plan on remaking the game and giving it the attention and time it needs to become more fun!


thanks for the kind response :)

Btw, no hate here! just some constructive criticism for your project, i see some potential  in here


Got the gun. Still tells me to get the gun. Think it's bugged. (I'm using Chrome x64)


Thanks for playing and leaving a comment. The game isn't finished, we didn't have anymore time during the game jam it was made for unfortunately. 

The gun part is the final thing that happens, though something should've popped out and chased you. 

Sorry for that. We might come back later and finish it up!


good ...but short?

thank you!

I wish we were able to finish it. We only had 48 hours for the game jam... we do plan on finishing it sometime in the near future!

Again, thanks for playing and leaving a comment!