I wanted to do something different from my other submissions in terms of style (Medieval and Space) so I tackled the 80's retro style.
Have fun!


Jump on your hover-bike and win at all of the stages of the Digital Abyss tournament in this retro-themed Tron inspired game!

Made in about 24 hours.


  • Arrow Keys | Movement & Menu
  • Enter               | Dialogue Skip & Menu Option Selection
  • ESC                   | Skip all of the dialogue
  • Numeric keys to go to specific levels (for when the game bugs or when you're stuck)


  • Tron-like mechanics
  • Dialogues (which are completely nonsense)
  • A retro feel
  • AI Opponents (AI is a bit rough though, time constraint)
  • Two different types of objectives (Eliminate or Collect)
  • Obstacle courses because why not

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