- Arrow Keys | Walk & Jump
- Z | Attack (can combo three times for more damage and knockback)
- X | Sacrifice a minion for health
- ESC/P | (Un)Pause the game

- You win when all of the enemies are killed.
- You lose when your character dies.


- 2D Platforming
- Hack'n'slash action
- Sacrifice your kingdom's population to fuel your army
- Sacrifice your army to fuel yourself
- An army of minions

About the Jam

Solo Entry... 
This LD was a lot of fun for me as I had a (personally) good concept to start with... YET I threw my first idea away completely after 20 hours of work. So I started over and created this game. I feel proud of this game, art-wise especially, even though it is clunky at times and really short... sorry for that. The scope was way too big though, but I think I managed to get the most important features for it to be playable, I guess.
Have fun playing it and I'm looking forward to feedback :)


The Fallen Prince | Windows 17 MB


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The art is great, like really really great, I love the idea to, I feel bad that not many people have seen this game cuz it gud!


Thanks for playing! I really appreciate the kind words :) I'm glad that you like the artstyle...took me like 75% of the whole Ludum Dare jam haha. It's a shame that the gameplay suffered because of that though :( 


Good game, I like the style and the core mechanics. It could be greatly improved with some kind of feedback when enemies hit you and vice versa.

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Thank you for playing it and providing feedback. I really appreciate that!

This was during LD43 and I'm building upon it as we speak. The game itself is my next personal project. I've taken your feedback to heart and implemented audio and visual feedback to both getting hit and hitting in a new version (not yet published)